New month new problem with plugin <solved>


As expected when I went to use the plug in today it said I needed to download a new one. Well fine but after the download and install I still get the same message and request that I do the download… so for me the process is broken.

Either the file is broken or not updated with a new expiration date sort of like sour milk on today’s project.



When did you download it? We had an update out that had a wrong date for about an hour, and then we pushed a fix. I’d try downloading it again and running the installer, you should be all set after you do that.

Grab the download here:


Still not working. Just downloaded the file and installed. When I then start up sketch up and attempt to generate an output it says I need to get the new plug in still, no different then the other download.



Are you on a Mac or PC?

In either case is SketchUp completely closed when you run the installer?

Have you restarted your machine, and gone right to installer without opening SketchUp?

If that doesn’t work, try this:

Open up SketchUp, go to “Window>Extension Manager”

In there you’ll find a list of all installed extensions. Find Fabber. Click on it, click “Manage” and uninstall it.

Then, make sure that you have a fresh download, IE get it AGAIN from our site here. Make certain you’re opening that new, fresh copy. Run the installer (if you’re on Windows)

Let the installer fully complete. Then open SketchUp and try once more. If none of that works, PM me and I can setup a screen share with you.


My windows machine was off over night and this morning I downloaded a fresh copy of the plug in and installed. Sketch up hadn’t been run until after that and the problem was still there after that.

I went into sketchup and removed the plug in then did a reboot. Went and got yet another fresh copy of the plug in and installed it. Then ran sketch up and it was working. So the removal and then installing worked.

Last month everything worked well, not so much this month.

Are there other changes happening in these month updates or just the date changing? Is there any change control version changes being used that might allow us to know about changes?



It sounds like the installer was being prevented from overwriting the old file. This can happen if SketchUp is still open in some way. The way plugins work in SketchUp is that they are loaded with SU starts. You could actually delete a plugin, and as long as SketchUp is still open, the plugin will continue to run.

As far as other updates, we’ve been tweaking some behind the scenes stuff. Solving edge cases where geometry wasn’t being processed the right way (or efficiently). There are some cooler changes coming, for the immediate future we just needed to do some housekeeping to prepare to roll those out.


I had the same problem the first few times I tried to install it. When I uninstalled it from SketchUp first then installed it worked.



Good to know. I’m going to make the installer a priority for the next release. Thank you all for your feedback.


November is over and it was time to get the new months plugin. Rather then wonder I tried to use the install as saved to see if it would work this time. Good news is that it did. I don’t know if the plug in has been fixed or maybe it just a luck of the draw if it works or not. Last month wasn’t so good, this month great.



We did a little work to make re-installs go better. Glad it worked for you!

What are you making this month?