Work flow question

I am new to CNC and have just purchased a small toy CNC to get started. My goal is to make small parts wood and aluminum. I am a long time sketchup user and this is a hobby so I want to keep the costs down. I was looking at Fusion 360 and like the fact that it is free and there is built in tool path, but I do not want to learn to draw in another program.
What should I know about using Fabber and Fusion 360 to export G code to Candle and mt toy CNC?

Do you have CAM software that goes with your CNC right now? If you’re running Vectric products (VCarve, Aspire) Fabber can automate all of the toolpathing. If you don’t have Vectric, you can get a nice clean SVG file using Fabber that you can use in other CAM programs (even Fusion!)

No CAM software with the CNC. It is a cheap Chinese toy CNC.
Trying to start on the cheap to see if this is a path I want to go down, so I will use Fusion and an SVG file.
Any other tips?

What kind of a machine do you have and what are you looking to make?

This is the machine I have. There is a very active group on facebook with great solutions and modifications. Also sainsmart has top notch customer service. Actually amazing customer service for a $200 toy.

I plan on making small wood and aluminum parts that I currently make on a bench top milling machine. As I am a long time Sketchup user I do not want to learn a new CAD program, but want to start off with a small capital investment. That is my attraction to Fusion 360 and Fabber.
I just need work and life to calm down a bit so I can play with this idea, software and hardware and see if this the path I want to take!