What I save is not what I get <solved>


When I export from sketchup, and open in Vectric, it adds another line.

Here are the files


Not seeing anything attached here… You have a new forum account so it might not have let you post files… I changed your account to a higher level so you should be able to post files now.


Click the Here are the files for dropbox link


Looks good to me:

If you’re previewing in Illustrator the lines come in at 1pt, you have to fatten then up sometimes for a clearer preview. Initially I couldn’t see all of your lines clear in Illustrator until I fattened them up.

Where’s your ultimate goal with these SVGs? Vectric or something else?


Where is that line on the RIGHT coming from?


It’s in your model


If you erase that line it won’t be exported.



That’s the side of your part… I think you’re getting thrown off because your material size doesn’t match your part size.

In Vectric click here:

And set your material size to 96x48 or something like that and you’ll see.

That part perfectly matches your SketchUp model.


Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Sorry


No need to be sorry! We’re here to help!

I did notice that your part is scaled/flipped in SketchUp. So you’re getting a mirror of your part in Vectric.

To fix that… Right click your part, and click “Reset Scale” in SketchUp and it’ll flip back.

Then, double click on your part, go to Edit>Select all, then right click on the part and select “Flip Along Red” and you’ll be good to go.

In the future when you model, don’t scale, or flip components, but if you do, use this procedure, or just explode what you’ve drawn and make it a component again and you’ll be all set.

PS what kind of machine do you have and what are you making? Looks like cabinets?


I have a Platform CNC, and you are correct


One of these?



Yes, it is a great machine. I kinda wish I had done the CNC Router Parts machine though, because it is expandable. This one has like a 26x49 usable area , and it is OK. Not sure where I would have put the bigger one anyway.


What kind of control does it come with? Mach or something else?