Vertical Work Station

Hey all, as requested I have the Fabber Vertical Workstation ready to… Fabricate!

You’ll need some 3/4 plywood and some hardware. Just a word of warning, I haven’t built this in real life yet, but I’m very confident it’ll work fine.

You’ll need to source some 1/4 x 20 bolts and T nuts to bolt it together. All stuff you can get at your local Fastenal or hardware store.

The flat parts are the ones you want to use with Fabber, the 3D model is the same parts, but because it’s got the hardware in it, it won’t play nice with Fabber… yet :slight_smile:

You can find this model here:

Please feel free to hack/mod this design. I’d love to see what you all come up with!

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Hello! I’ve been thinking of making something similar to aid with making dovetail and box joints, ect. so thanks for this. But let me ask you this…what was your thinking when it came to how you would attach this to your table? I see placement of screwholes on the flat top but for those of us who have vacumn tables i prefer to not screw into my table. If the simple answer is “just use a clamp” then that’s cool, but i always like to pick peoples brains because they may have a better idea than i have! Thanks again!

Great question, and totally understandable since this is a bit out of context… This one is designed for the Shaper Origin:

You’d screw this down to a workbench, and apply the marker tape to the flat surface so the tool can track the cuts.

Does that make a little more sense?