Version 1.1.4 released!

We’ve got an exciting new update! 1.1.4 is ready for you to download.

What’s new?

  • We finally crushed the “.svgl.svgl” bug that was in the save dialog
  • Performance improvements to our geometry processing algorithm
  • Update mechanism has been… updated!
  • SUB COMPONENTS! Check the video below, this is a game changer!

This update is available to download for any currently subscribed users.

Click here to go to your account and get the download!

Nice improvements! Really like the sub-component capability. That’s really powerful!

Thanks for the continuing updates -


You’re welcome!

What do you think you’ll use the sub component feature for?

I’m considering building and releasing a small set of pre-made components that will go with the plug-in…

I can’t login -

I go to

Click login and I get this error:

Http failure response for 403 OK

Can you help resolve?


You need to be going to… not