Toolpath Configuration

I tested the Beta Fabber app and i have some questions.
Can you add ramps to toolpath? How to specify ramp distance and angle?
The problem is that most of my end-mills(double flute straight end-mills) do not like plunging straight down into the material.

Right now there’s not an option to do any kind of ramping.

There are some workarounds that you can do… I’d say that most end mills are fine for plunging if you do it carefully. Those double straight ones can be more on the delicate side so what I’d so is just set the pass depths to be a little lighter.

A pass depth multiplier on a .25 inch bit will be .25" max per pass. If you set it to .5 depth per pass it will only go .125" per pass.

You can also slow the entry and exit rates too. Between those settings you should be fine. Does that work for you?

Thanks, I will try and hope these options work as well.

Let me know how it goes!