Tool changes, mid job

Hi Eric,
We have decided to clear the decks for a week in the cnc workshop and really give fabber cloud a going over.
My question relates to jobs which require a tool change over.
Our furniture parts profiles are cut with a 8mm compression spiral. However, prior to cutting the profiles, we use a 25mm plunge bit for some special fixings.
If I model the 25mm holes in my sketchup model, ie, push/pull a 25mm hole to 9mm deep in each component, how will this be handled by the fabber g-code generator?
We normally set up tool paths in Vectric’s cut2D Pro.
Any advice?

Hey Leigh, sorry for the delay. I was out on vacation when you posted this. Right now we had code all tool changes to tool 1, and they are grouped by operation. This means that when you post out code all tool changes are based on a bit of the same diameter. You can go into the G code and alter the tool numbers, but all of your tool diameters need to match up.

In the next few weeks we’re going to have a beta out that allows for real tool changes with bits of different diameter.

What kind of machine are you running? A true ATC or are you doing manual tool changes?

Hi Eric,
Based on your reply, it sounds like we will need to wait for the new Beta of Faber Cloud.
We have up to four tools which are used on each job, all of varying sizes which are manually changed.
Our machinist usually programs everything in Vectric Cut 2D Pro

The tools are used in the following order:
3mm plunge bit
5mm plunge bit
25mm plunge bit
8mm comp spiral (for profile cut)

The machine is an Australian ‘Multicam 2412’

I’m forming a picture here that we almost need another step in the process prior the machine code generation/output from Faber Cloud. It would be great to have the ability sequentially order the use of each tool and to make minor tweaks to the paths if required. I also realise this is the step you are trying to remove by the creation of Faber Cloud!

We also use a particular fixing called the ‘Peatnut-1’ by Inteligent Fixings which requires the use of a specialised, custom made tool in order to cut a rather funky slot into which the fixing slides. Not sure how Fabber would handle code for these slots. Check it out here:


In the next update I think we’ll be able to satisfy that whole wishlist. Stay tuned!

As far as that Peanut connector… have you seen the Hafele Rafix? Very similar but only requires a circle. I use those all the time.

As far as that special bit I think there is a way we could make that work. What’s the source SketchUp model look like?

Great news about the forth coming release. Let me know if you want us to test it out.

The Sketchup models (attached below) for the peanut-1 fixings and all of our other fixings penetrations are simple 2D components made up purely of edges only. For the complex Peanut ‘slot’, the component simply consists of a polyline which indicates the tool direction to the machinist. These Peanut-1 components are placed within each panel/part component as required and are really just to provide a location for the tool paths which are set up in Cut 2D Pro. The Sketchup Tag/Layer hierarchy in any given component is such that each tool type is easily isolated and selected within Cut 2D Pro. In any given fixing component, I generally also have a ‘throw away’ tag containing bits of geometry which are not relevant to the CAM software, but might be relevant in the S.U. model. When imported to Cut 2D Pro, I just simply delete this layer.
I’d be very interested to see how this would work in Faber Cloud.

Peanut-1_Slot_Int_Pos.skp (17.7 KB)
Peanut-1_Hole.skp (80.7 KB)


I’m just getting started with Fabber Cloud, but from the looks of it the Peanut Slot tool path would be useful for anther reason. It is the same path needed for keyhole slots that are handy for items you attach to a wall. So, add one more vote for this new tool path.


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