The old fabber plugin no longer working

Ruby comes up (with link) to download latest version but nothing happens??? I take it something has changed and it has not been clear if this version was going to be kept around for those of us who have no need for the new cloud based system and can’t afford the expense…

At any rate I can no long produce svg files for my shaper.


I am getting the same issue, Ed. I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Hope there is an answer soon. My credit card keeps getting charged so that hasn’t changed.


Is this what you are seeing?


No, I just found my problem to be operator error. I forgot where the SVG was being saved. Things are working OK. Just has been a while since I used this and I forget things more than I used to. The benefits of getting old. I have never seen the display you are getting.

I went back and signed up for a months worth of membership so I could download a fresh copy. The link takes you to a really old copy 0.1.31. That is a 2018 version. I installed it and it seems to work but of course it has issues since it is an older version.

I believe the version I had been using was 1.1.4 or maybe 1.1.5. Should have looked before I reinstalled from the file I just downloaded.

I’m wondering if this forum is even monitored anymore???

Tomorrow I will see if I can find a link for an email and see if that can get me on the right track again, if there is such a thing.


I am running 0.1.31 and it seems to work with some bugs but is useable. When I moved to a new laptop several months ago I had to download a fresh copy so I think it is what you get if you don’t buy into the new stuff. I will be interested in what you find out.

Eric’s contact is I sent him an email asking what the options are for those of us that just want to generate SVGs. No response yet.

Hey all! Sorry for not getting right on this. We’re in the midst of a big update. We just did a new website and that broke some links in the SVG app. On top of that we’re getting close to releasing a new cloud app that will have the SVG exporter in it. That will be MUCH better than the current desktop app. You’ll even be able to get nested SVGs!

Sorry it’s been a bit rocky we’ve all been working overtime on this one! More soon!