Tabs for Maslow

Hi, I’m testing fabber with a Maslow, which is a near-vertical Machine (15 degrees off vertical). My issue is that in order to keep components from moving around, I need to have tabs keeping the cut out piece connected until cutting is complete, then i’ll come in and cut out the tabs. Is there a way for Fabber to do this? i can’t find a way, and it’ll be a bit of a hassle if I need to try to edit the Gcode to do that for all my pieces. Thanks!

Hey Josh! Right now we don’t have a specific tabbing feature (although we’re actively working on building one.

I’m familiar with those machines, very cool use of bricks :slight_smile:

There are a couple of workarounds that you can do right now though:

You could design the tabs into your part:

We also have a feature called “SuperSkin” which will reduce your cut depth to a specified depth less than the thickness of your wood.

So essentially you can say “whatever the thickness of my material is, always cut XX less than that”

This can leave behind a “skin” that you can easily cut away with a razor or small handsaw.

great, thanks! I’ll experiment a bit with those & circle back on how they worked

Please do! If you need any more help post your design here and I can give you some suggestions.