Sub component problem

Hi All, I’m new and trying to see if Fabber is going to work for me. When I send to Fabber, I get a dialog that says it will ignore non-solid objects. It is identifying the sub-components that I am using to cut holes in the parts. Sometimes it won’t give me an error, but the component parts with the subcomponents don’t show up in my project, just the component parts with no subcomponents. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

To send files to Fabber they need to be solids:

When you have sub components it makes a component non solid which Fabber considers not a makeable object.

The video about the 1.1.4 update is all about creating sub components and then exporting with Fabber (which seemed to work). Did that change?

That sub components feature still works with the desktop SVG exporter, but with the new cloud version that will be going away (for now)