Squirrel oven rack tool


I did this in sketchup and it isn’t great but I wanted to see if it was within my tool set to do. I haven’t cut it out yet but I thought I’d post here for new years.


I think I need a better set of tools in sketchup to make this look more like I’d like but there are so many it hard to know which ones to look at and above that which ones to install. If anyone has a few draw tools to suggest please feel free. Right now I think the only extra draw tool I have is bezier curves.

Happy New Years!



Have you tried any of the Bezier tools?


Yes I do have one but it is old, complained about not being for the 2017 version I’m running. Is there a set of bezier tools or just a single tool? Well never mind I can check that out this everning…

When I first started using sketchup I had a draw tool set that I liked but over the years I did not keep up with it and I can’t remember the name or who did it. That was maybe 2007 or 2008 so it was long ago.

I have affinity designer and I starting to learn it but I have a ways to go to really make it useful. Sketchup on the other hand while I’m not great at it I can still design things and with this plugin get output.

Using the bezier tool it hard to pay enough attention to staying on a plane, several times I got some vertical components which caused me some pain fixing.



I admire your drive for doing the artwork yourself. If I require anything beyond the use of standard drafting techniques I just go to 3D Warehouse and download what is available. Making small modifications to the downloaded artwork is about the extent of my artistic talents.


For awesome Bezier curves check out this one:


And if you just want something a little simpler, check out this one:


Both are free!