Sketchup layout does not match Fabber's Manufacture view

Similar, but opposite components show up as the same part. They should have grooves facing each other, but when put onto the 4x8 material in the Fabber manufacture view the different components show up as identical part. (See Image below)

Fabber troubleshooting.pdf (130.3 KB)

Did you use the scale or “flip along” command when creating those parts? If you could attach the actual SketchUp model here I could take a look for you. I suspect it’s from one of those two things…

After looking more into the problem I found the solution. In order for these pieces to be oriented the correct way in the manufacture view, I needed to “Change Axes” of the incorrectly oriented parts in the Sketchup model, so that the axes of the different parts were then opposite. This was not a problem with the Fabber extension, rather it was a problem with my Scetchup model. Thank you for your help.

Glad you solved it… However our extension should do that for you automatically. Can you still attach the model here so I can check it out?

Sure Thing.

Rocking Chair.skp (484.8 KB)