Shaper Origin output issues


I’m attempting to create svgs for Shaper Origin. The Fabber “Shaper Origin” output creates marginal svgs files. Custom DPI output can be used as a work around, but the Shaper Origin option should just work.

Software Versions

SketchUp Pro 2019 v19.3.252
Fabber v1.1.4


I have been following the Fabber video, exporting the toolbox model with the Shaper Origin output. I’m unable to duplicate what is shown in the video, where Eric is able to select individual components and move them around in AI.

In SketchUp, I select multiple components (i.e the whole toolbox), and export to svg. Curves of the same type (e.g. exterior cut, or interior cut) are all placed in one svg path.

Import the file into Affinity Designer, and you can’t select an individual component. I took a look at the svg in a text editor, and sure enough the curves are all in one path.

Note that circles are exported individually.

The Custom DPI output does produce individual paths for each component.


The fill color is correct for Shaper cut types, but the stroke color is “none”. This does not conform to the Shaper standard, which specifies a black stroke for exterior and interior cuts.


Unlike the other output types, the svg id’s are not set for Shaper output. Setting these to the component name would make the files much more friendly when opened in another graphic editor.

The “console error” problem

(Not specific to Shaper output)

There are several reports of console errors (i.e. Error: #<TypeError: wrong argument type (expected Sketchup::Group)>) when trying to export a complex model. The workaround is to copy and paste everything into a new sketchup model. I get the same error on the copied model, if I copy/paste the whole model. But I can get the workaround to succeed if I copy/paste individual components.

This workaround is a big hassle when iterating through a workflow. Every time the model is updated, you have to go through this error-prone extra step. The problem is easy to reproduce; seems like it would be straightforward to track it down :slight_smile:

My intuition is that it has something to do with the model organization. For some reason a non-group entity is expected to be a group.


The Fabber Shaper Origin output for the toolbox:


This is some great research, we’ll actually be addressing all of these things very soon… Stay tuned!

I think where your workflow is breaking down is the import into Affinity… This exporter is mean to go right to your Origin. You should be able to create SketchUp models, export the entire model, or any subset of parts you want and save them as SVGs and put them right on your tool.

I’m wondering if Affinity isn’t liking our SVGs. Illustrator doesn’t mind them…

Can you send me a file you’re having trouble with so I can dig in a little deeper?

That error you’re seeing sounds like you might have a group or two in there, our exporter only likes “components” which are similar, but different things in SketchUp…