Rescale project to accommodate new material thickness

Hi Eric,

Just tried making your toolbox as my first project using Fabber with Sketchup, vCarve Pro and my Biesse CNC machine. Everything seems to work great so far. Your toolbox is designed with 1/2" thick material. I used 9/16" material. Is there a way to rescale the project so the dogbone finger joinery fits correctly using the thicker material without having to redraw it in Sketchup?

Thanks for your hard work on Fabber! I’ve been searching for a Sketchup solution for years and this seems to be the ticket!

Steve Crain

So glad you’re liking it!

So there are two ways you can do it: The easy way or the hard way:

The easy way is to just scale up the entire model until the thickness of the material is what you want. This will of course result in the toolbox being bigger, but if you don’t care about the size it’s something you can do in a few seconds.

I once did that and it had this result:

The other way is to just jump into SketchUp and alter the model. That’s a reasonably simple model and with a little toying with it you’ll be able to resize it.