Pricing for Fabber



I am confused by the pricing. I see the pricing for $4.95, but it is unclear to me what the $4.95 gets me and for how long?



Hey thanks for asking!

Fabber is a subscription software, so that $4.95 is a monthly recurring charge. During that time you can access to download and install the software, and any updates/upgrades we make.

You can start/stop the subscription at anytime you like.


Oh, per month? $4.95 is cheap, but heck won’t use this more than 4 or 5 times a year. Thanks anyway


Fabber in it’s current form is only the beginning. Later this year we’re going to be rolling a full cloud service that’s going to do some pretty click stuff.


I will stick around for a while, at least until I get this project done

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