Possible Corrupted Mac Zip File

Hey there. I downloaded the ExportSVG.ZIP for mac and it would not extract with the MacOS default extractor. Kept showing error 22. So I downloaded another zip extractor and it worked.

However, when I try to install the plugin all the files show greyed out for me.

I am using Mac Mojave and Sketchup 17 Make.

Any help would be apprecated

Sounds like you have a very old version, we haven’t shipped a ZIP file in a while. We’re doing RBZ’s for Mac and EXE installers for PC.

You can buy a fresh copy from www.getfabber.com. That’ll fix that problem :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned that I paid for the new version and downloaded the zip file by clicking the Mac download from the link in the email I received.

Once downloaded, the default Mac unzip app would read Error 22. I was able to extract the files using an alternate app. See the attachment for list of files in the zip package.

I attempted to open the .rb and .rbe files in the plugin installer in Sketchup but they are greyed out.

Not sure what I am doing wrong and would appreciate any assistance.

That’s odd, give it a try again from the downloads and see if it works this time (I think our host is messing with RBZ files so I switched something)