Permissions errors while adding/editing postprocessor


OpenBuilds 1515


OpenBuilds Black Box, GRBL 1.1

I’m trying to generate toolpaths for the bolt tray from the “getting started” projects. I can’t figure out which postprocessor to use, or which base machine to start from to get gcode that my controller will accept. I’ve just started copying different Library machines into my Workshop to see if I can find a format that works, but my controller has rejected all of them with error messages about invalid commands. I can see in the GCODE editor that the toolpaths are definitely changing based on which machine I start from, and the error messages from the controller have been for different invalid commands. So I feel like I just haven’t found the right settings yet.

I thought maybe I needed to set up a custom postprocessor, so I added the GRBL one to my workshop, but I’m getting error messages and I don’t know what they might be impacting. Do you have any suggestions for what I should try next?

Calculation failed/nInsufficient permissions to Read document 61d1bd229ec6d455d7c96c5b

Couple of questions for you:

Are you going to the library, finding a machine and pressing the settings button to configure the machine?

And then the errors you’re getting…I assume you mean when you actually try and run the G Code on your machine?

If that’s the case, what G Code sender are you using?

I guess maybe there are two different issues here.

First, related to the issues actually running generated toolpaths. Yes, I’m finding a machine in the library and pressing the settings button and configuring it. But no matter which machine I choose as my starting point, or which postprocessor I use, I can’t seem to output anything that is compatible with my controller.

I load the toolpath in OpenBuilds Control, and the toolpath preview looks valid. But when I actually try to send the code to an OpenBuilds BlackBox to actually execute on an OpenBuilds 1515, none of the gcode has been accepted. There are errors and invalid commands in each of the formats I’ve tried, which just makes me think I haven’t found the right postprocessor.

Which leads to issue number 2, I thought I would add a copy of a library postprocessor to my workshop to see if I needed to do some fine-tuning. This is where I got the permissions error. I went here and added this to my library, and then the screenshot in my first post shows the subsequent error messages when trying to edit this postprocessor in my workshop.

Hey ben can you attach the G Code you sent to OpenBuilds control? I’d like to see that.

Post processor creating is a little rough around the edges right now, I’ll comment more on that soon, but for the short term I’d like to check out that G Code.