Not sure I have the correct extensions for SketchUpPro 2022

I produced a simple engraving project to test Fabber. I have been asked by our CTE Department at a large Virginia school system to evaluate Fabber as a tool for use in both middle school and high school programs. So far I am struggling to make it work. I have a free subscription. If I buy an unlimited subscription will the experience be more intuitive?

No one was hoping that Fabber would provide the G code I needed for a project in my practice more than me. I tried relentlessly to make it work. Eric initially worked with me over a year ago and set me up with this $1 a month access account and charged me for a year or so. I first had issues with my file as it was not closed solid or clean. After numerous emails Eric finally responded to me me writing I needed to fix the issues with my work not bing a closed solid. After several attempts I got it closed and “Squeaky Clean” as Sketch up reports. I ran Fabber several times on that model and it crashed or stalled every time. Now, my project is a complex 3d pocket so one has to consider that. But…When I wrote to Eric, he said he had a new baby and had no time and could not help me. Months later this was still his response so maybe the baby or mom is sick, IDK. Eric did not have an issue with time when he set me up to pay him. Not that $1 a month is a big deal, but it’s the principle. Not only did I delay getting the G code which hopelessly delayed my project, I feel duped. Until Eric can separate hims self from the new baby responsibilities, I would not recommend Eric or Fabber for anything. Eric is good at sales but shitty at support. After several emails he finally canceled my subscription. No refund, that’s OK, use it for diapers. From mid June 2021 to mid November 2022 I wrote to Eric 21 time and got 7 emails in return. Draw your own conclusions from that statistic. I liked Eric and really was hoping Fabber was an answer for me. Unfortunately it’s was not.