Not much cutting happening but designs are still happening


I don’t know when I will get to cut one of these but the design is to the point where that would be the next step to verify the part. What part you ask? A bottom cutout for a systainer is what. I’d like to do this in some thin plywood first to see how close it is but it might well be close enough for cutting in foam like Kaizen. At this point there are no cut outs for parts but one step at a time. I was thinking of maybe stacking so other design factors will come into play before I do my first real part. Here is the view from sketch-up:

And the svg file:


If you have the time and need feel free to try the file out and let me know. If not I’ll get to it sometime.

I have the top in progress but not as worried about that design since it will be more of a top to hold things in rather then cut outs etc.



Got some help over at shaper, someone was able to convert the svg to pdf and to scale it so I could print it and tape 4 sheets together then cut out to test the design. I’m pretty happy with it. If need be one could do an offset cut to make it slightly larger or smaller to get the fit you want/need.

Now I can get on to yet another project.

BTW there are dimension drawings for the systainers here:

Boy that would have made it a lot easier. Well next time. I did have some dimensions from I forget where so I wasn’t flying blind but found a few things to tune up as I went.

So as far as I can tell this is ready to be used.



Turns out a better option might be to just buy the insert:

But the design should work for a fixture to hold the foam if and when you want to cut some shapes into it.



I like your idea of making it yourself much better!