Not a bug but annoying

This isn’t a bug but, it is bugging me. When I chose export it always goes to my desktop, I NEVER save files to that location. I then have to scroll through many files to put it where I really want it. Would it be possible to at least open the last location I saved an svg? Or perhaps a setting where I could specify a default location? Perhaps it isn’t Fabber doing it but Sketchup? If it is I can’t find anywhere to change this.


Dick, on my Mac, when I use the plugin It opens a window that let’s me choose where the SVG gets saved. I guess you are not seeing that?


I do see that, It opens to a “my documents” folder that I never use. I find it cumbersome to scroll away from that one. I never save anything to “C” drive which is where that folder is located, I save all data to “D” or “G” both are internal drives, I would like it to either open to the folder I last saved in or better still a folder that I could tell it to always save to.

We’re working on this one, we’ve got a few bigger bugs to squash and then we’ll definitely fix this one. We hear ya! :slight_smile:

I typically download all files to my desktop so I can put them in the appropriate customer folders. I find it to be much quicker for me to drag and drop… It works for me Eric! Can I keep it?

I really think the way it should go is that it’ll default to whatever the last directly you saved in was. There’s a littlew quirkiness between mac/pc we’re working through on this one…