New pricing ? What's the story?

Noticed a discussion over at the Shaper forum about some changes that are coming and wondered why we here have not heard about them here yet?

I’m gathering that the $4.95 will be $9.95 come up soon? Would be nice to know when this is happening… and while that doesn’t sound like a lot to some people that is a LOT for me. $120 a year is just too much for me, the $60 is already a strain on my budget.


We are experimenting with some new pricing… Fabber is used more by people with large gantry machines, and because of that we’re pushing our pricing up. That being said, I’m happy to offer discount codes to people with Shaper Origin machines to keep the pricing competitive.

We’re coming out with a new version soon that will better serve Shaper folks (and hobbyists) along with the pros both in features and price.

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So how do we request this discount code?


Message me, or dig a bit on the Shaper Forums and you’ll find it :wink: