Need Some Help with SVG

Stickley603_baseMy Version Domino.skp (389.4 KB)

I’m in the process of building a small table and used the plugin to generate an SVG file. The resulting file shows the 2" x 3/8" groove on the face I intended but also shows the 2 domino mortises on the opposite side of the leg. This seemed to confuse Origin and I ended up having to create a new SVG by eliminating the domino joinery in order to get a file Origin would understand. I re-oriented the axes so I’m not sure why the Fabber plugin is showing geometry on the other side of the part. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you post the SketchUp file so I can check it out for you? Sounds like what you’re doing should work…

Eric the SU file is included at the top on the original post.

HA! I missed that… You’d think I’d have seen it since I setup the forum. Just like you’re seeing, it’s reading both sides of that part.

For right now the not-so-good workaround is to delete the stuff on the far side of the part and do an export. I’m moving this high up on the list of things to fix.