Me or the plug-in that is the question

I’m in the early phase of designing a box to hold some rings I’m making and had this idea for a box with some pillars to hold the rings, a total of 5 of them. I started playing with this box design and though I’d use the plug-in to see what it looked like but, well it didn’t look like I expected. Here is the general idea:

The resulting svg:

Now like I mentioned this could be something I’m doing wrong just as easy as it could be an error in the plug-in but then again maybe something in how I did it in sketchup.
test ring box.skp (112.2 KB)


Ed, I ran your model through the plugin and got the same result. I’m not sure why but your component does not show as being solid since the volume of the component doesn’t show in the entity info box when it is selected. I also ran a plugin called solid inspector and it shows a lot of errors. When solid inspector fixes the errors the rings pillars disappear. I’ll keep playing with it to see if I can figure it out.


I ran used your file to generate a SVG for Aspire and then opened it up to generate the cut files. The first cut was the pocket around the five cylinders and the inner wall. The second cut was a pocket defined by the wall at full dept and the third cut was pockets that define the final height of the cylinders. So the plugin is identifying the wall as a pocket with a depth of the wall height instead of a perimeter cut around the outside of the wall. The other two cuts are fine. I eliminated the cylinders and the wall was still recognized as a pocket. I think the issue is with Sketchup. If you look at the bottom of your box you will see the floor has been raised by the amount you thought was going be to its thickness.
Try this. Make the floor first to the full dimensions including the walls and raise it to whatever thickness you want. Then draw the inner rectangle on top of the floor and raise the walls to the height you want. Then do the cylinders and raise them to the right height. I think that will work. Just starting out with two concentric rectangles doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve been out most of the afternoon but when I got back I decided to play with a even more simple box and this time make the part a full 3/4" thick then the follow me in a 1/4" then added the circles. At this point I push the depth to 5/8" for the bottom of the box. Then did the circles.

The svg has red lines now showing things and I have no idea what red means???

I’ve never taken any classes in sketchup just a self learner so I tend to guess at how to make things and that has been fine while using it for design and then drawings to work off of, now with this new way of life I guess a lot more matters as to how one does things.


Can you post the SketchUp file and I’ll take a look?

Version one is in the first thread of this post… I have now made a new file from scratch and that is the one with the red lines, that file is here:
test only box.skp (65.4 KB)

These are early prototypes of ideas and I have another one in the works that is heart shaped which is more likely to be the finished item but it is still early in the process.’


I ran the file through Aspire and this is how it should cut.

There is a problem with the large cylinder and the wall next to it, probably its too close. I used a 1/8" bit for everything. If you tried to cut it with the SVG on the SO you should get the same results except for the pocket around the large cylinder. So it looks like you fixed up the bottom of the box that was giving you issues .