Laser cutter cutting each piece twice?

Hi, I used Fabber to go from Sketchup to Inkscape, and then to a laser cutter. Now that I’m cutting out the pieces, the laser is cutting each piece twice - it cuts around the piece, then reverses direction and cuts it again backwards.

I’ve double checked the file and the pieces aren’t doubled, so I can’t understand what’s happening. Simple shapes created directly in Inkscape work fine, so I suspect it’s something to do with Fabber. When I first exported to .svg with Fabber, a few of the pieces (maybe 10 of 500) were doubled, but it was pretty straightforward to delete the duplicates.

Is this an issue anyone else has had? Is there a way to fix it? Apart from the fact that it doubles the time on the laser, it also means some of the smaller pieces fall out on the first cut and get damaged on the second pass.

Thanks for the help!

Sorry, now the issue is also happening with some cogwheels that I made in a different program and didn’t use Fabber with. So it’s probably not a Fabber problem!

But if anyone has had it happen before for another reason, any help would be great :slight_smile:

If you can post your model (regardless of how you’re making it) I can take a look