Installed fine / Checking in

Once I realized that I had too old a version of Sketch-up everything worked just fine (I’m on a 64-bit, Windows 7 machine). My schedule is crazy right now with the new store so I told Eric up front I was probably not going to be spending a lot of time using the software but I wanted to see it in action! I am more in the 3D world so most of my parts didn’t work - not the fault of the software! - but the few that did gave me insight into how to make it work for me. My work-around will be layering parts for a pseudo 3D piece until Fabber can handle the real thing. I realize now that I will be using it more than I had imagined! Thank you to everyone responsible for this!!!

Hey thanks for jumping in! I see that you have a Gary Campbell special machine! So do I!

Well, get your store setup, and if you have a chance download the “Fabber Starter Kit” and try it on a few of those testers and you’ll see what it’s all about :slight_smile:

I didn’t think I would use it much but now that I have seen it in action I’m hooked. I did the Fabber Starter first and then I did a few of my own. I did a couple parts with a bevel not realizing that it then became a 3D part but, like I said, I can work around it. Already working on display furniture for the store.
The first thing I did when I got the keys to the store was go down there and measure up the rooms. I then came back to the shop and ‘built’ them in Sketch-up.
Gary and I have talked about you in the past (All good! - He only lives 100 miles from here) so I can either call or stop when I am over in Marquette picking up supplies.
I’ve got another Gary machine planned…

So when do you move in?

I’m going to take my time and do it right this time. The screen printing room is the first project because it will take the most time and involves construction, plumbing, electical, etc. so will be the most expensive as well. I currently have my screen printing operation in the basement of my house so have to deal with humidity issues and well as hauling boxes of shirts up and down all those stairs. Hope to be in there in a month or two. Then I’ll be wiring the CNC room next. I’m putting a wall of windows in so people can see them run but not get anywhere near them. The wall will cut the sound and the dust infiltration. My house is paid for so I’ll stay there until the shop is done… The shop has a 3 bedroom apartment above the main part that would work with a minimum of remodeling so ultimately it will be an all-in-one space for me. I’ve still got my 92-year-old Mama living with me so moving there might be a problem with the stairs…