I'm sure this is me, but


Can you please look at this file and tell me why it is not importing?


“Sorry, new users can’t upload files”

Guess that’ll need fixing before I can show you.

Ok, I think you’ve got to have a certain amount of posts or something to post a file. I’ll contact you directly and have you email it to me

Ok, I updated your user account. You SHOULD be able to attach a file here now.

See if you can tell me why this will not convert correctly.

router-vac-cart2017-exploded-layers.import2-skp.skp (1.6 MB)

So it’s not you… It’s us :slight_smile:
Check out this video that sort of explains what’s going on… We’ve certainly got a bug to take a look at…

Did you use traditional SketchUp tools to create this or did you use any plugins? Is there a 3D model somewhere too?

I DL’ed it from 3D warehouse and then made some edits. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/u6b238db7-93d0-4f65-81c4-96999a6ca0d2/Shop-Carts

I really appreciate you taking the time to create an in-depth video. I will do the same tomorrow and show you the issues I was having.

Great! We’re looking at the part with the rabbeted edge now. I believe we’ll have that fixed next week.