How to do 3D Text

For those of you making signs, you might find this 3D text tutorial useful:

You can find the example file here:

3D text.skp (570.5 KB)

Eric - Is there some alternate form of this workflow that would allow you to “engrave” the lettering into the surface so the lettering could subsequently be filled with epoxy?

Hey there! Sorry for the delay in posting (normally I try to be much faster!)

You can do an engraving toolpath on any geometry that you bring in from Fabber.

So right now the workflow is this:

Draw in SketchUp, export to VCarve/Aspire, Run Fabber Gadget to make toolpaths

If you skip the third step you can use the imported vectors to create any kind of toolpath you want, including VCarving/engraving.

Does that make sense?

I didn’t mention that I’m creating the Fabber file (SVG) for Shaper Origin so I don’t have the opportunity to create tool paths. Thanks

Ahh, so do you have some text that you want to use the engraving bit to run through the center of the text, or just do an outline?

If you have a sample file that would be helpful.

Turns out this was very useful for a project I’m working on. One of my granddaughters is having a birthday at the end of the month and I wanted to make a sign with her name on it that can set on a desk or dresser. I had thought about doing it several ways but after watching your video it seems like that is a pretty easy way to make that type of sign.

I also noticed the font you were using and it reminded me of the NASA fonts from the 70’s…

So this sign is 3/4" x 3" x 12" and the lettering is 2" high. The wood is one of my favorites, birds eye maple.

Have a pen for her also and yes made out of the same material.

Still have some clean up but wanted to let you know how useful this was and to thank you!


That’s awesome! Did you take the SVG right out of SketchUp and use it, or did you clean it up in Illustrator at all?

Direct. Used two bits, 1/4" and 1/8" and I’m happy with it!


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