How do I get out of this?

Tried it . Doesn’t work for me. Now I’m stuck in monthly updates with no ability to unsubscribe. I know you don’t mean to be a nuisance, so what do I do to get out of this?

Had to set up a “new account”, as my email was not recognized, even though I’ve been receiving the monthly fabber updates for over a year. Have tried numerous times to correct, but system simultaneously has me on autopilot sending emails, yet does not recognize the email to log in here. (Observation: the web support system is performing precisely like the plugin. But I’m sure it’s just me. )
Now, of course, I’m getting welcome emails automatically. Again, tried this as a beta tester over a year ago. Since I draft and design differently than the author of this plugin, it doesn’t work for me. This is the same symptom I’ve experienced with other cabinet making Sketchup plugins. Touted to do it all, regardless of your methodology, yet really is not compliant unless you draft and fabricate precisely in the same manner as the author. Spent more time correcting errors trying to get this plug in to work, yet still ended up having to go back to manually grinding it out. I had high hopes… And yes, I’m sure the answer to this all is yet again; it’s just me.

You can unsubscribe right in your account which you can access here:

We did switch over to a newer user management system a while back so you might be experiencing some issues because of that. If you can’t change your subscription there please email me (or message me directly right through here) and I’ll make sure you get taken care of.

@jeff I’d like to dig into your thoughts a bit… You’re not wrong in saying this is designed the way that I model in SketchUp. The tough thing about building something like this is that with SketchUp, and most other CAD systems is that there about so many ways to draw the same thing.

Since we’re very limited in resources we kinda had to pick one method and go for it. What I can say is that the next version (which is a bottom up re-write) is far more forgiving in terms of how one has to model.

All that being said, I’d be very interested in seeing how YOU model and what you think is right. I have my ways, but after-all we’re building this for people like you! :slight_smile:

If you have a model to post, or some thoughts I’d love to hear/see them!

Hey eric - trid to respond via email and got returned. Here is body of that reply:

Hey Eric,

Sorry - in retrospect, my post does read back as a bit scathing.

As for method of drawing, I think the issue I was having pertained to pockets of different depth. Was hung up on the fact that a cabinet side panel would have .125 deep dados, .50 deep rabbets, and 3/8" deep 5mm drill holes. Perhaps the biggest catch in all my experience in attempts to automate Sketchup dxf exporting boiled down to layer management. I’m sure you’re aware of Vectric’s attempt, which just could not jive with Sketchup layers, which they admitted was the problem.

Tried a Sketchup extension (Cab32?). Guy out of Canada that has an appealing looking plugin. Problem was, my face frame sizing threw the thing for a loop. After burning a couple dozen hours pouring over videos and practicing, it just plain would not accept the parameters I put in. He said I needed practice, but it was clear it would not work with face frame stock narrower than 1.5".

Cab Writer looks pretty good, in that it is utilizing Sketchup, Cutlist Plus fx and VCarve Pro, just as I do. However, having a rough time wrapping my head around their story stick method of layout. Makes sense on one level, yet very odd on another. Feel like I'll eventually give in, drop the bucks and try, but still feeling like it's easier to keep on grinding the same old way vs. investing more time and money into a foreign concept. 

I'll hang on for now and see what your next generation looks like. I imagine you're thinking as I am: If I can manually export successfully, automation should be within reach, right?

Still unable to respond to your emails - getting a fail to deliver message.