Help with my sketch up file

Hey there everybody. I’m new to Sketchup/CNC.

I run a van conversion company in Southern California, and I am a contractor by trade so I am attempting to tap into the sketch up/CNC field to streamline my process. So I had my son learn sketch up for me so we can start visualizing things better as well as manufacturing cabinetry.

A question we had is since all of his cabinets and drawers are components, they are separately cutting out on different sheets of wood. We are going for a European style cabinetry where the cabinets and drawers are insert on the actual wood itself.

Theoretically this would it be an issue for our first time, but now since they are cutting out on separate pieces of wood that means that cabinet or drawer would perfectly fit in the space without any gaps cell it wouldn’t work. What we want is the CNC machine just to cut out the door/cabinet and use that one without creating a separate one with the bit giving it a big enough gap for Clearance.

Also that leads me to my next thing, is if we are using a laminated word that means we can’t screw it to our CNC machine so is there a way to make tabs on Fabber?

Please let me know as we are in kind of a time crunch thank you all
Seattle Cabinets .skp (702.0 KB)

Ill include the file in this.