Full test run great results

Had a couple hours today to do a full test after fiddling around last week with different parts of the total workflow. The plugin worked without issue and I think it could become my go-to, here’s why:

  • I really like SU versus F360 for design, I have a pro license which gives me layout for drawings if I need them. The limiting factor pre-fabber was not having CAM.
  • I need CAM because I have both the Shaper Origin and a Shapeoko 3.
  • Using fabber I can design fully in SU and port out the svg for both SO and Shapeoko.
  • I used makercam to create the g-code for Shapeoko from the svg.
  • Some parts are best made with the Shapeoko (<400mm dimensions and intricate), while others that are outside its work envelope are better made with the SO (slots in a larger piece of ply).

My project today included both, I made some french cleat brackets from 12mm ply and next I need to cut a corresponding dado/slot in the bottom of the shelves for the brackets to lock into. Here’s the bracket:

The shelves will have a stopped dado 6mm deep to capture the bracket with a full depth dado slot at the rear that will slip around the bracket and under the cleat to lock everything in place. I’ll post again when I get them done.

@Eric - kudos on the great work and a feature suggestion: add an option to preserve nesting in the svg export. Currently the plugin lines everything up if there are multiple components exported at once so in the makercam workflow I needed to nest everything. It’ud be great to be able to nest in SU and avoid having to do it in makercam, more precise.

If anyone knows of a better CAM generator than makercam I’d love to hear about it.



PS - the Festool sander in the first photo is perfect for getting into dogbones to clean them up.

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That’s awesome!! I’m so happy to see that it’s working for you!!

I really like the suggestion about nesting. It’s certainly something we’re toying with. Stay tuned (but don’t hold your breath)

For real, it’s awesome to see real projects being done with our software! It’s why we’re doing this!!