Free version of SketchUp DOWNLOAD LINK

Hey all, SketchUp used to be free to use on the desktop. They stopped updating it in 2017 but it’s still available for download from SketchUp:

That version is fully functional, and totally free to use. Fabber is fully supported for this version as well.

As it generally goes with SketchUp, older versions have a very long shelf life.

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Hi Eric, I just paid got the Sketchup Shop online product. I am assuming that the only way to use Fabber with it is to download the model to Sketchup 2017 running on my computer.

That is correct, no third party plugins can integrate with SketchUp online yet. However you can download your model and run Fabber on the desktop version no problem, your model will open just fine.

(That’s one thing SketchUp has done so well over the years, you can down save to any version and the file works.)