Folder contents not visible when exporting svg file

When exporting a svg file from SketchUp if you navigate to a folder with svg files in it. Nothing appears in the folder contents window. It would be nice to see only the svg files so you can make sure not to overwrite a file or if you would like to click on an existing filename so you can slightly change it before you save.

I am on Windows 10 and SketchUp 2018.


Are you not seeing any files at all when you go to a folder?

Is there a drop down for file type in the save window? If not, try saving a file name called " . " (star dot star) and press enter to see if that shows all of your files.


I have attached a screenshot of the export svg dialog box when I first navigate to the folder that has a dozen svg files in it. If I type in star dot star they do appear. The type drop down has only svg files and if I open it and select svg the dialog box does not show the files.


Ok, the root of that problem is the way we do file extensions, and it’s on the list of things to fix. For now the workaround is going to be that . trick…