Flipped Parts in Sketchup and their axes

This is not a program “bug”, nonetheless, worth noting.
First test is a bar stool. In Sketchup, I simply flip left to right for chair legs/cabinet sides in completing a model. Result is joinery that’s perfectly aligned. (why complicate things and add more part labels to manage?)

Based on old methodology, this was just fine. However, this gadget will automatically re-orient based on the axes, so faces to be milled must be carefully set with proper alignment of axis, as emphasized several times in these notes, but the axis will effect flipped parts that appear to have proper orientation as they are exported from Sketchup. End result: as I imported the svg to VCPro, I ended up with two sets of left legs(!)

So - be sure to watch for this if you have a habit similar to mine. It needs to be broken.

Obvious solution is to simply make unique components for Left and Right handed parts in the future.
Just one more factor to be mindful of in managing axes.

Will be machining soon and post results.


Are you talking about doing a lot of “flip along” operations in your SketchUp model? I do a lot of that…

Can you post the model where you expected to get a right and left let, but actually got two left legs? I’d like to see your model and dig into that more…