First finished project done with this plug-in

It is very simple design of a drawer divider for my lathe chuck and jaws. Used the plug-in to generate the file for my Shaper then cut it out today. The design looks like this:

The cut MDF looks like this:

And the drawer now looks like this:

I have several other designs done but have not had time to cut them out yet. The files that the plug-in generated look good in Affinity but have not tried to import them to Shaper yet.


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Did you put the tabs in yourself?

Dude! That’s awesome!! Did you go directly from Fabber’s SVG export to the Shaper or did you do any touch up in Illustrator?

I love all of the dimensions on your SketchUp model :slight_smile:

No tabs but tape. With SO there is no native tabs and while I have manually done that function I find it tiresome. I’m not a CNC person but have done a lot of routing and have pretty much used tape for everything in the past so I’m still doing it.

What is interesting is that for a project like this I had the depth set so the bit did not cut through the tape and at that setting the pink insulation is not even cut. There was a bit of fuzzies on bottom but a quick sanding did them in. Since this is a utilitarian project I didn’t make a clean up pass so perhaps that might have cleaned up then??

Still learning and boy is that fun!


Direct from SketchUp but I did look at the file in Affinity and didn’t need to do anything.

HS drafting classes, after army and while using GI Bill worked summers as a draftsman then a lot of years with paper and pencil then various designer software working as an MTS at Bell Labs you kind of keep the old habits even after you have been retired many years.

For this sort of project I have to learn to learn to trust the process, a bit hard for us old timers and our old ways. But in this case I also wanted to see if the plug-in had any problems leaving the dimensions out of the end product and it did fine.


So glad to hear that! Please keep posting about stuff you’re building, and thanks for using our software!


Thanks for sharing! It gives me ideas for my CNC room and all the stuff that kind of just lays around. Reminds me of my Daddy with his outlines on the pegboard to make sure everything got put back where it belongs!

Awesome. I can point you at some other projects if you want. You’re on a larger machine so I’ve got a few that would fit… Want to make some furniture?

I’m on a 25 x 36. Were you replying to Reible?

Both of you actually… I was going to see what projects I could share from my library for you to try out…

That is very generous, Eric! I’m going to try the toolbox from the Starter Kit today. Small stuff like 6-packers would be good to test and use up some of my scrap materials.
Then it’s on to fixtures for the new store!!! Progress is slow over there… Waiting on my buddy to cut the slab so I can add on a room and my electrician as I am moving my service from the wet Michigan basement to my silkscreening room (nothing worse than standing on a damp or wet floor and messing with electricity!)

Just finished my second project using the plug-in. This time it a Vertical Work Station. I have yet to make anything with the station it but I have high hopes it going to work fine. Here is a photo of it mounted on my MFT:


Dude! That’s awesome!!

I had started my own vertical station design:

But I have yet to build it IRL. Those lines are meant to be straight lines carved with a Vbit.

Ed, would you be able to share the sketchup file for your Vertical Work Station?


I wouldn’t mind sharing but I need to get a few hours of use out of it to see it really works or if I would like to do some parts differently. Looking OK on paper is one thing but testing after a build is really a requirement to know if things are right or not.


I’d be happy to share my model too. I need to clean it up a bit first, but yes, I’ll post it!