Feature : Job grouping by drill hole diameter in G code

Hi all,

I have a project that requires lots of drill holes of multiple diameters. In the current version of Fabber, regardless of the hole diameter, all holes are considered the same. Although it is possible to just go directly in the gcode and cut/paste all the holes you want (using a gcode previewer like ncviewer) and place them under another tool or wherever but… this is a lot of work, it’s prone to error and no path optimization is done unless you basically handpick those…

What I think would be great is to at least have the option in the machine settings to group drill holes by diameter just like right now the gcode is organized by job type (drill holes >> pockets >> outline).

I understand this might be tricky to pull off because of the way Sketchup treats archs and and how Fabber processes them so holes that are technically the same size could be read as slightly different… but a good enough fix in my opinion would be to just sort them all incrementally regardless of their theoretical size, even if that makes for a slightly less efficient cutting path. (One can always spot treat the gcode manually but it’s still a lot less work than the cut/past fashion…)

Anybody with the same issue?