Failed to open file error in Affinity Designer


Well Eric , this bug may be hard to find. This morning after a windows restart the plugin started working again as it did when I first downloaded the update yesterday. I didn’t do anything to Sketchup, it just started working again.


No reboot for me. Just in case that would/could be a common solution…



@reible @sehast I’m wondering if this has something to do with these programs being held in memory… Both SketchUp and Vectric load scripts on startup… You could actually go and delete the plugins completely and they’d still function as long as you didn’t close them.

I’m wondering if you maybe had “old versions” loaded and a restart fixed it… In any case I’m glad it’s working. If we invented self healing code we’d be rich (we’re not!)

Thank you for your persistence and please keep reporting!


I installed the new plugin and used it to export a trial I created (a block with I round hole part way through) , the Fabber sign and cutting board from the Starter Kit as well as Sehast SKP file from above. All four of these exported without incident. I can view each of them in either Chrome or Affinity Designer. I then tried to air cut each of designs. The cutting board and Fabber sign, which I had problems with using the original plugin, now cut as expected. My trial piece from Sketchup also cut as expected. The only problem I came across was with Sehast’s test design. The middle step that surrounds the hole doesn’t seem to show in Chrome, AD or on Origin. The rest seems to cut as expected.



After the issues I had initially installing the latest version I have run numerous tests with several 3D models exporting to both Shaper and Aspire and try as I might, I haven’t been able to break anything. All the suggestions for improvements have already been stated by me or others. The one thing I would suggest is making the installer more robust since I think that is what caused the problems I had. Maybe a check to ensure Sketchup and Aspire apps are not open and not continue the install until they are closed. Also after install a forced Windows restart might also be a good idea.
I find that with Windows 10 that just using the Shutdown function when it is set for a quick startup does not clean things up very well. I usually have to do a full restart at least every week to keep everything running smoothly.


Yeah, we’re working on a better installer. The current one we use “works” but it could be a lot better. SO GLAD you’re liking it!