Fabber Sign - First Try


I finally got a chance to play with the Fabber plugin. The plugin loaded fine and seemed to work properly from inside SketchUp. I tried to export the Fabber Sign. Attached is the SVG.


When I open it in Affinity Designer, the perimeter looks right, but only 2 letters show and they are not complete .
The other letters are there but color coded for exterior cuts. When I loaded the svg into Origin it actually looked more complete. I aircut the perimeter and that work fine. I could also aircut the F, which shows as a pocket cut, which I did first, followed by an inside cut. The A, had a little problem in that if I cut it as the designated pocket cut, the pocket extends into there in the middle of the lower half of the A, which should not be cut at all. I could get it to work by changing the cut type to inside and the outside the area at the bottom of the A. The same held true for the B.


For some reason I can’t see your attachment… Is it in SVG?

We should be solving that “island” issue I think you’re seeing (I’d really need to see the SU and SVG model though)

Until we do the patch next week, you might check the layering/ordering of the SVG. The error we’re seeing is that in most cases we’re outputting the correct vectors, but the Shaper SVG is getting “stacked” wrong. So a lot of times you can find the vectors you need and just re-order them if that makes sense.

This is obviously not idea, and counter to why we’re doing this, but it might be something to get you running until we fix it.


I had the same outcome with the fabber sign.



I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong uploading the file, but when I drag the file from my desktop into the window all that shows is a line of text.


We’re setup to get SKP and SVG files here…

If you want DM me your email address so I can get those files.