Fabber gadget not installing Aspire 8.5

so I had a hard drive failure a few weeks ago and my laptop is dead so I just got a newish laptop up and running I went to install fabber on the laptop with the exe from the google drive and it works on SketchUp but not showing the Gadget in Aspire 8.5 anyone have any ideas

Try manually installing the Gadget by just putting Fabber in the Aspire Gadget folder. There are instructions in the Aspire users guide if you need help locating the correct folder.

Check this post Aspire 9.5 Compatibility

Super easy to do.

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thanks so much after a few windows updates and a bios update i manually installed the gadget in to aspire 8.5 thanks for the help its up and running now so i guess ill go back to testing it out

Awesome! Let me know how it goes!