Export SketchUp to CNC via DXF file

I’m not currently a Fabber user but thought it might solve a problem for me. I want to send a SketchUp model to a CNC shop for machining.

They need a DXF file where each type of cut is on a separate DXF layer e.g. outside profile cut, hole 6mm 10mm deep, hole 13mm dia full depth etc.

Is this something that Fabber can produce by itself or would I also need another product to produce the DXF format?

Our SVG exporter should be able to take care of you… In case you didn’t already know (sorry if you do!) SVG is a vector graphics format that’s very similar to DXF.

When our plugin exports to SVG we send close loop vectors on separate layers that are organized by cut type and depth.

If your shop cannot open an SVG there are several cheap and free ways to convert them easily. Happy to help you with those if you’re interested.

If you have a model that you want to test out post it here and I can do an export for you so you can see what it looks like.

That’s great. Thanks. This is the model. Some of he components in it have been duplicated to show open and closed positions of the shelf etc in different scenes. Don’t mind some of the odd dimensions in it, it’s gone through a lot of iterations and I probably need to redraw it again.
RetroPartialSplitTop.skp (4.0 MB)

Check that one out, I didn’t do the entire model, just a few pieces so you can see what an export would be like. That should be all layered for you. Do you have a way to convert it to DXF/DWG already?


I am looking to do this as well, I’d like to export ideally a DXF, but DWG could work, or SVG could probably work too. Can you tell me how to do this? I can’t find an export option once I have my project complete. Thanks!

We’re pretty close to releasing something that can export SVG and DXF. I’d say in the next few weeks we’ll have something to test out and share