Error SVG export with Sketchup to Vcarve

Hello, new to Fabber, I am testing fabber with sketchUp 2018. the installation is ok. However, when I try to export a .svg file I have a message: exporting selected components …
dpi: 90
exporting to VCarve
tool diameter: 0.25 "
Group in selection omitted from export

Also, when I try to open the same file in Vcarve 9, I get an error message: Unable to parse the SVG file.
could not find viewbox information

Hey Pierre can you post the SketchUp model you’re having trouble with?

Eric , I can’t ,I have the following message when I uplaod the file, :Sorry, but we couldn’t determine the size of the image. Maybe your image is corrupted ?

If it was an SVG sometimes that can happen… I updated your “trust level” here so maybe it will work now. If it kicks it back try zipping it up and see if that works. (632 Bytes)

i zip the file otherwise it does not work

Can you send me the SketchUp model as well?