Duplicate geometries in VCarve


I imported my SVG into VCarve, and the perimeter geometry of my parts are duplicated. The duplicates are on top of each other in the same position, so I only see them if I delete or move the perimeter.

Also, since the “toolpaths” are on layers, my original layers are lost.
I use the layers to identify which parts are which, so that even though I have maybe 6 sheets in a nest, I can identify which parts are “shelves” and which are “tops” or “bottoms” so that I can easily label and organize my parts.

I’ve attached my file below.

Schmitt CNC.skp (4.6 MB)

The quantity of duplicates corresponds to the quantity of that part in my model.

For example, there are 10 rails.
VCarve has imported 10 rails.
Also, each rail is actually 10 of the same geometry on top of each other.
Hah, that’s way more parts than I need.

We shouldn’t be bringing in more parts than you have in your model… It looks like you do have a lot of duplicates in that model, so what you can do is manually select each unique part in SketchUp and export with only those parts selected. Then in Vectric you could do nesting and just change the quantities.

As far as layers, we do our own layers because that’s what our gadget in Vectric uses to build your toolpaths so there’s no real workaround for that other than grouping parts in Vectric and then ungrouping them to build toolpaths.