Different SVG sizes after export

Hi there,
i’m from WikiHouse Germany and want to use Fabber to automate the process after modelling in SketchUp. So far everything works well. But there is something i do not understand. By the way i’m new in CNC cutting.

I want to export this part of my project with Fabber.

I’ve done this with the three options (VCarve, Adobe Illustrator and Shaper Origin) and two different tool settings (0.0 and 1.0). Then i measured in Illustrator a part in the SVG-files to look if the export went well.

But the results show that every option, exports the part in a different size.
Except the Shaper Origin option.

Does anyone know why there is a difference?
Thanks a lot!

I have run a fair number of projects through both Shaper and Vcarve/Aspire and they have always have correctly exported with the same dimensions as in Sketchup. I don’t have Illustrator so can’t speak to that. I am sure Eric would want you to post the SKP file so he can check it out.

Perhaps i made a mistake.
I’m not sure.
Here are the files.

Illustrator_0-0 shaper_0-0 Illustrator_0-0 shaper_0-0 vcarve_0-0 vcarve_0-0

Hey Musa! Super glad to see some of you Wikihouse folks here!

I was actually one of the folks at SketchUp that helped build a wikihouse a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zod8Rc2cijQ

To your problem: SVG files are meant to be easily scaled as they are meant for vector graphics on websites. In an SVG file you can set a “DPI”. When you change that value, the scale of the SVG changes.

We (Fabber) have to be very careful about this because we don’t want your exports from SketchUp scaled the wrong way. That’s why in the drop down we have choices for different machines. Shaper Origin reads SVG files at a different size than VCarve/Aspire. Our dropdown sets the correct DPI for the machine that you’re using.

We’ve never had a scaling issue that I’m aware of for VCarve. I suspect that you perhaps had the wrong dropdown selected when you did an export and you got some stuff that wasn’t scaled right?

Pay attention to that, and if you still have the issue I’m happy to dig in deeper.

I’d love to hear about your Wikihouse as well!