Components in Sketchup files

I design retail sales fixtures. Largely convenience stores.

In my use of Sketchup I am very familiar with groups, components and layers. I use the “outliner” for drawing organization and “layers” for visibility.

I design many cabinets with three different sized (height differences) drawers. I would draw the five drawer box parts as five groups. The drawer front would be another group. The entire assembly would be another group one step up the hierarchy. Three drawers, three groups, Drawer box sides, fronts and backs are 3 differing heights. Same for the applied drawer front, 3 different heights. I would then designate the entire cabinet as a component.

I under stood fro Sketchup documentation that the component designation was intended to facilitate changes that would affect several components, An example might be a number of trash receptacles in a fast food establishment.

Fabber appears to only make parts of components. Under the Top Drawer Assy is a drawer front 6" x 16". I make that a component named “drawer face” OK. Then I go to Middle drawer Assy; when I attempt to make the drawer face (of a different height) a component I want to name it what it is “drawer face” . I get an error msg telling me that name is already taken. What do I do?

How does one organize a model when all “parts” are components? In the scheme of groups nested under groups and the complet cabinet designated a component, the group “drawer face” can be used again and again. I may have a dozen cabinets on a job that all have a top, middle and bottom drawer.

When a sketchup file is sent through Fabber to Aspire, what happens to groups?

I need some help to sort this mess out.

Ok, I think I see where your getting hung up… You’re right, Fabber ignores groups. We only look at components.

In the case of your drawer if you make one drawer face, copy it with the intent to make that second drawer face different than the first one you just right click the second drawer face and select “make unique” . It’s still a component, but not related to the first one.

As far as nested components that can get a little tricky to explain via text.

If you could post one of your cabinets here I’d be happy to take a look at it and show you the best approach.

At the end when you send a cabinet, or any design to Aspire it stays totally intact (and un touched) in SketchUp.

I have worked out a scheme to name components that includes the Cabinet group Identity. It works with my part name conventions and stays within sketchup best practices. I made an SVG file from the SKP file and it Works. Aspire tests also successful.
Fabber is the deal! I’ll post some file copies Monday

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