Bit configuration

Browser: Google Chrome 97.0.4692.99
Fabber: c5be807a-develop

I tried to delete and edit my bits configurations but it´s not possible.

So you click the trash can and you’re getting that red OK in the top right and the bit stays in there?

Yes,yes that`s right.

Interesting… And you have a machine(s) in your library that this bit is associated too?

Also, have you tried adding additional bits and removing those?

I have a machine in my library(workshop)but two bits are not associated.
i tried to add them and i got this message

Then i added the additional bits and i could remove them too.


So if you click on “workshop” and then “workshop machines” do you have anything in there? What about “my machines” anything in there?

yes I have a machine in both places

when i tried to delete my bits in firefox browser(96.0.3) i got this message