Birdhouses of ticky-tacky but fun project


Another chance to use the plug-in to do this project. The board was a piece of road side find PVC with some road rash and other issues but good enough for a birdhouse.

Got us use my vertical workstation for a couple of vents on the front.

The fronts were more interesting

Fronts setting in place so you can see the almost finished project

This is the project were the notion of having the option of axes selection in the plug-in came to mind.



Hey Ed, I apologize for not responding to this! Those are great!

Not too long ago I made an over engineered birdhouse:

I did this one with dowels so it could be easily press fit and glued together for some school kids that came by the shop. The roof was glued Coroplast that I had laying around.

All of the parts were cut on my ShopBot.


I finished up several more bird houses this fall. Maybe some of these ideas will inspire someone here to try some crazy things like these.

You will notice the one with the bird shaped opening is missing, my brother wanted it so… not to worry I will make another one before spring and hanging time for the houses.




Good to see you spending so much time playing with this program! I am glad to see what can be done though my schedule has kept me from doing much myself! Once I get the water system done at the new store I hope to have time to try more of my ideas…


Those are fantastic! Is this a design that you’d be interested in sharing? I’d love to see your SketchUp model.