BIG News on Fabbers future!

We’ve been working on this plugin for a while, and everyone involved has been volunteering time to make it happen. Our dream is to get anyone making anything with a digital tool to fabrication faster than ever through software.

While volunteer work is great, and has gotten us this far, to really “pour gas on the coals” we need some funding. I’m happy to say that we secured our first round of funding just this week.

So while I can’t comment on exactly what version 2.0 of Fabber will look like, I can say that there’s plenty of awesome stuff to come. Thanks to users like you who are helping us shape what that will look like!

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Way to go, Eric. Looking forward to 2.0.

Hopefully my schedule will settle down a bit and I’ll find more time to use Fabber. Still waiting on my new electric panel in the new shop and once that goes in I’ll be able to start wiring the place. Might just have to move one of my extra computers up there so I can do some design work while waiting on building supplies…

Congratulations! Looking forward to the next round of improvements

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