Aspire/VCarve 10 support

Hello all, as you might know VCarve/Aspire 10 just came out. Fabber does run in it. We’re currently tweaking our installers to work with these new versions.

Today when you install Fabber the gadget won’t automatically install in V10.

There are two workarounds: Load your file in an older version, run the Fabber gadget, save your file and open it in 10.

Or, contact me here and I can get you simple instructions on how to manually install the gadget

Lastly, if you want a week or so we’ll have this patched and the automatic installer will work. We’ll push an update when that happens so you’ll be notified when you open SketchUp.

how do you install the gadget into vcarve pro version 10? I tried installing it but its not coming up when loading vcarve?

You can do it manually, we’re working on updating our installer for V 10 now. Do you have an older version of VCarve installed at the momemnt?

No. Only have the new version.

how do you install manually for version 10?

I also have this problem. V10 and fabber wont work on it. How do I manually install?

Hey all! here’s how you manually install:

We’ll be updating our installer sooner, but this will get you all up and running right away!