Aspire 9.5 Compatibility


I just upgraded to Aspire 9.5 and can’t seem to get the Fabber gadget to install.


It SHOULD work, you may have to manually install the gadget for now. Our installer isn’t picking up the 9.5 directory just yet.


Yup, it works after a manual install. Installer doesn’t work but no big deal. Just the first time I have had to manually install a gadget but now I know how easy it is. Thanks.


how do i manually install the gadget in aspire 9.5


Super easy actually, all you do is open Aspire and go to File>Open Application Data folder. From there you’ll see some folders. Find the one called “Gadgets”

Get into that folder and copy our gadget right in there:

After that close, and open Aspire and It’ll be in there.

We should have an update to our installer in about a week.

Fabber gadget not installing Aspire 8.5

Update! Our installer now supports automatic install with Aspire 9.5. You can grab the installer right here: