A More Complex Model

Here is a Chessboard project I have been working on. Just for the fun of it I tried generating a SVG using the plugin and opening it in Aspire. The first observation was the lay out the 64 components that represented the squares were all layed out in one horizontal line that stretched over 200 inches. Second the gadget in Aspire did not handle the 1/8" X 1/16" groove around each of the squares. It thought a 1/16" pocket (using a very small diameter bit) was required when a simple outside cut would have the right solution. Both of these issues are easily cleaned up in Aspire but I thought I would make them known. I continue to challenge the plugin and gadget with more complex issues than they were probably designed for. So far I have been pretty impressed that nothing breaks down in a catastrophic manner.

ChessSquares.skp (191.5 KB)

Were you planning to fill that gap? I can understand why the software was confused…
Glad to see you trying to trick it! I haven’t had time to really attack it but it seems to be doing a great job!

The plan is to inlay ebony.

I tried your file and it worked, although I’m seeing duplicate vectors, was that the issue you were running into, or was there something else?

I’m seeing the pocket like you wanted, even at the right depth, but it looks like we’re duplicating the pocket cut…

This is a little more involved than I first thought. I am going to have to work through it in more detail when I get more time.

Ok, in the mean time I think we’re close to fixing that bug you saw here with duplicate vectors. We should have that posted soon!

Ok, I took a look at your model and I found the problem… I didn’t see it initially, you’ve got some missing faces on the bottom of your chess blocks:

If you fill those in it’ll work just fine. This plugin right now is for single sided machining, so if you have missing faces like that on the bottom it’ll throw it off, which is why you’re getting that duplicate profile path right now…

Yes, I found that too. That is the reason I wanted more time to look at it. I just re-made the model in Sketchup and things work fine. At least with Ed and me Sketchup modeling errors over the last few days have made us suspect problems with the plugin when it has been our own fault. Its a good lesson to learn now because when you release this to the general public as a supported product, probably 50% of your calls will involve poor Sketchup modeling practices or an issue with the Sketchup product itself.
Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this.