A maybe bug? "V" notches

I was working on a project that has a small “V” notch in it and it doesn’t seem to produce a usable file. I tried several things then added another channel, the channel appears fine but not the “V”. Now I know I can lie to the program and just use the “V” bit but I don’t think that is the best approach in the long run.

Perhaps this is just something that can’t be done or perhaps I just don’t know how to do it??

Anyway here is the part made simply with the “V” and channel


This is the output, maybe I just can’t see the “V”??


Haven’t taken the file to the SO to see what it thinks about it.


So the way the plugin works in SketchUp is that we find parallel faces. so your V angle faces are… on an angle so we’ll discard those.

What’s going to be your strategy for cutting these? are you going to do an “on line” cut with a V Bit?

The end product of this adventure was to make a clock face with the V notches and yes I was planning on cutting them with a V bit.

Looks like this is not going to be as easy as I had hoped. All I really need is a line but I don’t think that works either unless there is some feature associated. I’ll have to rethink this plan.

Unless someone has another solution? Maybe a very small channel or something.


You’re doing this with your Origin?

Are you putting the SVG files right into the Origin, or are you opening them in any other program first? If the former, you could draw a pocket and just draw a line with the Origin itself and cut on that… However if you’re doing a clock I suspect it’s going to be more complex than just a straight line?

I’m in the early stages of the design and the face is what I’m working on now. It is a rectangular with lines like this:

The lines would be done with the V bit. The very center will have the hole for the hands and the area around the center would be a contrasting wood insert (the part with the light blue). Like I said it is a work in progress so my early idea was to have the “V” notch but maybe I’ll have to look at a different look.

I have purchased Affinity Designer but don’t have a clue how to use it. A project for the winter when a lot of my other actives trail off, I hope anyway.


You might be able to draw those V notches as pockets that are like .02" wide. Then tell the Shaper to do a pocket toolpath on them with the V Bit installed. Lie to the Shaper and tell it that the bit is .015 wide and it just might work… I’d test on some scrap first though…